Our group

Group Leader

Head of department surgery and cancer


Aaron Parker

Laboratory manager & senior analytical scientist

Ayushi Pabari

Clinical trial manager (AROMA)

Emma Austin

Clinical trial manager (VAPOR)

Jessie McClymont

Junior analytical technician

Jim Ellis

Stable isotope specialist & senior analytical scientist

Valerio Converso

Senior analytical scientist

Postdoctoral researchers

Bibek Das

MRC clinical research training fellow

Ilaria Belluomo

Research associate

Sara Jamel

Research associate

Bhamini Vadhwana

Rosetrees and BASO research associate

PhD students

Anuja T Mitra

MRC clinical research training fellow

Boyu Xie

Research postgraduate

Caoimhe M Walsh

Clinical research fellow

Guillaume B R C Lafaurie

Clinical research fellow

Henry D P Robb

Clinical research fellow

Katja Christodoulou

Guts UK doctorate research Fellow

Michael Fadel

NIHR doctoral fellow

Munir N Tarazi

Clinical research fellow

Pallavi Arya

Clinical research fellow

Philip Leung

Research postgraduate & outreach STEM fellow

Sameera Sharma

NIHR doctoral fellow

Shizhou Li

China scholarship council fellow